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Aacharya Raj

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Astro Rahul

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Aacharya Sonia

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Tackle Your Future Obstacles with the Help of a Astrobell Astrologers in Surat. Life is full of ups and downs. We always feel good when good things happen in our lives, but we always have to be prepared for bad things. But how can we know about the bad things in store for us? Consulting an astrologer is one way to know about them. Through their knowledge of the movement of planets and stars, astrologers can tell us about our futures. These valuable insights can tell us the things we need to do to tackle adverse situations and lead lives that are peaceful and prosperous.   With more than 100+ verified Surat based astrologers, we at Astrobell can connect you to the very best in the prediction business. So, let us assist you in finding an astrologer in Surat who can give you accurate predictions based on a person's exact date, time, place of birth and other parameters, and guide you towards a happy and healthy life. Find access to some of the genuine astrologers in the locality and get astrology services history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost customer reviews, and their general excellence. You deserve the best!

The planets and the stars control our lives. While many modern day people may not agree with this, the truth is that they do. Unfortunately, we have no control over them and must accept the life circumstances that they create for us. However, it’s not that we are powerless to do anything about them.

From ancient times, people have studied the planets and the stars. These people, with their knowledge of planetary movements and positions, have helped countless others. Their wisdom allows them to gain insight into the future, and to give advice to other people. We know these people as astrologers, and they can assist us in making the choices that ensure a prosperous life. 

Surat Connection with Astrology

Surat is mentioned in the Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharata when Lord Krishna stopped there en route from Mathura to Dwarka. According to other later Sanskrit records, the area was ruled by the Western Chalukyas in 610 CE, and Famous Astrologers in Surat India continued to be ruled by Hindu kings until one of Qubuddin Aibak's generals captured it. The Parsis started to settle there in the 12th century, and added greatly to its prosperity. Local traditions state that the city was founded in the last years of the fifteenth century by a Brahman named Gopi, who called it Suryapur, or 'City of the Sun'. In 1512 and 1530 Surat was burned and ravaged by the Portuguese who were trying to maintain influence in the area. In 1513 the Portuguese traveler, Duarte Barbosa, described Surat as an important seaport, frequented by many ships from Malabar and various parts of the world. By 1520 the name of the city was Surat.

Surat eclipsed Khambhat as the major port of western India, when Top Astrologers in Surat Khambhat's harbour began to silt up by the end of fifteenth century. During the reigns of the Mughal emperors Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan, Surat rose to become a chief commercial city of India and an imperial mint was established there. As the major port on the west coast of India, Surat also served as the port for the Hajj to Mecca. At the end of the 16th century, the Portuguese were undisputed masters of the Surat sea trade. There still is a picturesque fortress on the banks of the river built in 1540.