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Every person comes on earth with a certain destiny contained in his/her birth horoscope or Janama Kundli. The Janama Kundli  is nothing but a picture of the placements of various planets and Zodiac Signs in the twelve houses of the Kundli. This picture is dependent on the Day and Date, Time, and Place of the birth of the person (called as the native). Broadly, this picture describes the qualities and weaknesses of the person, probable occurrences and statuses in various spheres of his/her present life, certain favorable and beneficial kundli yogas (advantages), and specific unfavorable and troublesome kundli doshas (afflictions), and a rich stock of information related with many other things and activities of the past and present lives. Here, informed in brief are only some of the most well-known and common kundli doshas and remedies in astrology, to make lives of people worldwide better and optimally successful and prosperous.

Do you ever feel that problems in your life come in gangs to attack you when you are least prepared for them? You may be experiencing the onslaught of multiple difficulties in life. It may be financial instability, friction in your relationship, fear of losing a job, family issues, health problems, and the list goes on...

Needless to say, life is a journey where difficulties and challenges will arise, but you have to summon the courage to face them. No matter the kind of challenges or difficult situation you might be passing through in life, you have something deep within you that can help you to overcome the difficulties. Of course, it is not going to be easy!

So, while you may rant and rail against the difficulties in life, your free online Janam Patrika can help you to know the reason behind them. Yes, you heard that right. There are certain planetary combinations in your birth chart that create certain doshas and can bring obstacles in your life.

Now let’s take a minute to know about the four major doshas in Janam Kundli that can be the reason behind your challenges in your life. But, do not lose hope, you can sort out these challenges and overcome them like a Hero with the help of our astrologers. 

The mangal (manglik) dosha is one of the very serious astrological afflictions, responsible for creating problems in the marriage and also in the married life of the native. This dosha occurs in the birth horoscope of a person, when the planet Mars is located in any of the houses of the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth. Also known as kuja dosha, this mangal dosha is very common and is found in the birth charts of around 50% of people. A person subject to this dosha is termed as being a Manglik.

Future Point brings to you an exclusive All Dosha Report that circles around the 4 major Dosha present in one’s Kundli, namely Manglik Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Pitri Dosha, and Shani Sade Sati. These four are considered to be malefic in nature and considered a dreaded period in everyone’s life. Sometimes, no matter what you do there seems to be no way out of a problem and you start contemplating your life choices. Chances are that you might be going through one of these Dosha in life.

Now with a Kundli Report that focuses on these flaws in your Kundali, you can easily get rid of them and focus on living a beautiful life with your loved ones. When you neglect a Dosha, you might have to face hardships in life and face problems that you don’t even invite.

If you have any query related to kundli dosha. Kindly contact with our expert astrologers by call and chat.