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Astrology can give the many answer related to the Pregency in Vedic Astrology. A lot of people after marriage suffering from childlessness, A lot woman worried about it. They spent lot of money the medical treatments. But sometimes every effort is wastage. But the question is why? what is the reason for this? here we share some astrological reason for non-pregnancy.


According to Vedic Astrology in a woman’s horoscope fifth house and its lord is consider for child birth and pregnancy. With fifth house some more houses of horoscope are important for getting pregnant. Sometimes Some other factors may effects the pregency. And our astrologers are avaible to disuss for these factors.


In pregency accroding to vedic astrology first, fifth,Seventh,Eighth ,Ninth house horoscope is responsible for the pregncy. plants movements in these house effects the horoscope of the people.

Due to changes in these horoscope and negative effects of house cause the non pregency. For the better understand the movements of houses and horoscope people can contact to Our verified astrologers.


Astrolbell has well educated and verified astrologers, who can give your reason of problems and can give correct remedies for better future. So astrobell team ready to serve you. So contact with our astrooger by the chat or call .